Recycling, recycling (recycling) - one of the methods of environmental protection. Its aim is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the amount of waste

In Polish law, the term "recycling" is understood as such recovery, which involves the reprocessing of substances or materials contained in waste in the production process in order to obtain a substance or material for primary or other purposes, including organic recycling, with the exception of energy recovery . "

The principle of recycling is to maximize the re-use of the same materials, taking into account the minimization of inputs for their processing, thus protecting natural resources that are used to produce them and raw materials used for their subsequent processing.

Recycling takes place in two areas: production of goods and subsequent generation of waste from them. The assumptions of recycling assume forcing the right attitudes of producers of goods, favoring the production of the most recyclable materials, and the creation of appropriate behaviors for recipients of these goods.

Recycling is a system of material circulation organization that can be repeatedly processed.
The system consists of:


  •     the right state legislative policy that encourages recycling,
  •     development of waste treatment and recycling technologies, first and foremost in order to use as many of them as possible in the recycling activities,
  •     designing goods with the widest possible use of materials susceptible to recycling in them,
  •     designing goods as homogeneous as possible, which simplifies their subsequent dismantling, segregation and recycling.
  •     designing goods that are a combination of different materials in such a way that their subsequent separation into elements made of homogeneous materials was maximally facilitated, which enables more efficient recycling
  •     designing goods in such a way as to make as many of their components as possible to be re-used without processing or with minimum outlays to achieve a full-value form through recycling,
  •     a system of marking both product packaging and components of these products, to facilitate the recognition and segregation of waste, for recycling
  •     pro-ecological education of the society and promotion and organization of pro-ecological behaviors, min. investments in recycling
  •     logistics of sorting, collection and collection of used goods and their components for recycling
  •     processing in the recycling of (previously prepared) waste and recovery of raw materials.

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