MACHTEK Engine Crusher

Compact and powerful car engine crusher
- the most economical, compact solution

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Compact, but powerful machine for crushing car engines, alloy wheels and electric motors.

MACHTEK Engine Crusher:


  • Compact and powerful machine able to crush engines, motors and alloy wheels with force of 120 tons.
  • Efficiency - Up to 5 tons per hours.
  • Safety confirmed by the CE certificate.


  • Power: 37kW
  • Pressure force: 120 tons
  • Efficiency: up to 5 tons per hour
  • Dimensions: 7.2m x 1.7m x 3m


  • Able to recycle car engines, electric motors and alloy wheels.
  • Efficient - It can crush even 5 tons per hour.
  • Pressure force of 120 tons!
  • Work safety - All our machines have a European CE certificate.

We provide professional advice before buying, service, technical support and spare parts during operation.

MACHTEK Engine Crusher Video

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