MACHTEK E-100 Electric Motor Wrecker

The machine used for recycling of electric engines and retrieving copper wiring in a fast and efficient way.

Data sheet


  • Power: 4kW
  • Minimal diameter of electric engine to be cut: 80 mm
  • Maximal diameter of electric engine to be cut: 250 mm
  • Performance: from 8 up to 30 pcs/h
  • Size: width 1800 x depth 900 x height 1950 mm
  • Mass: 1450 kg


Put the internal part of an engine - the stator with wiring - with maximum diameter up to 250mm under the blade of the pneumatic guillotine. The blade slowly drives through the stator and wiring and cuts it in half. Then put one half of the engine in bottom pincers, wiring down. Top pincers fall down automatically, grab the stator and go up, thus separating it from copper wiring.



MACHTEK E-100 Electric Motor Wrecker -
recover copper from scrap electric engines




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