MACHTEK RECO-40 PLUS Cable Stripper

9 tracks electric cable stripping machine - a cheap and flexible solution

Data sheet

Forced guidance makes your work easier and faster.

MACHTEK RECO-40 PLUS Cable Stripper delivers:

  • high reliability at low cost,
  • perfect solution if you do not want to invest in electric strippers,
  • flexibility - works with more than a half of cables,
  • may strip cables as thin as 1mm,
  • electric drive increasing efficiency and work comfort,
  • precise and steady work - cables are force guided and cut from one side,
  • user-friendly operation:
    - automatic bearing maintenance,
    - fast adjustment of roll pressure in a continuous way,
    - you can replace single feeding rolls or blade rolls,
  • safety confirmed with certification.


  • Drive: electric
  • Engine power: 230V / 750W
  • Number of Tracks: 9
  • Number of Blades: 9
  • Working Space: 1mm - 40mm
  • Cutting Depth: up to 10mm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Size: width 170 x length 770 x height 350 mm


  • a cable stripping machine with 9 tracks ensures high efficiency,
  • 9 disc blade made of hardened tool steel on the top roll,
  • two top switches ensure proper pressure,
  • durable feeding rolls made of steel,
  • 'crush' feature for better stripping

Don't worry!
Before you buy anything, we provide you with professional expertise; after that you get servicing, technical support and replacement parts for the entire time you use our machines.

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