Pelleting (granulation) is the process of creating granules - small, irregular grains of substances. It may occur by grinding larger pieces of substance or by agglomerating powdered material into aggregates.

In the case of cable granulators, the process of granulate formation occurs by fragmenting larger pieces of substance - in this case cables (cable scrap).

The product of cable granulators is the mixed granulate of cables and secondary raw material - copper or aluminum.

After crushing the cable granulator, the mixed material is separated from each other first by means of a cyclone separator (light fractions are removed).

Then the copper or aluminum pellets and plastic cable sheaths still mixed with each other go to the next separation process - another machine consisting of a cable granulator. Depending on the separation method - dry or wet - various machines are used in cable granulator.

In the case of Machtek, the most popular cable granulator, it is a dry separation. The cable granulator consists of a penumatic separation table. With it, copper or aluminum granules and plastic granules are separated from each other.

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