Electrical cable - a type of electric wire insulated, single- or multi-core, surrounded by a common coating. It protects against the penetration of moisture or other substances harmful to insulation, mechanical damage and electric shock.

Cables are used for permanent connection of power sources to its receivers. They transmit electricity or information via electricity.

Cable - different definitions of the item

Cable - in accordance with the international electrotechnical dictionary - it is a set (article) consisting of one or several wires with or without individual cover (insulation, screens), a protective layer (or not) on twisted wires (core insulation) and ( or not) with protective covers. According to Polish terminology, this term covers all types of cables as well as insulated and non-insulated wires.

Cable - (in accordance with the terms used in Poland) is an industrial product consisting of one or more insulated conductors, in the shell, possibly in a protective cover and armor.

Cable markings

In Poland, code names are used, informing about the type of telecommunication or signaling cable.

Symbol Description of the symbol

S             Signaling
T             Telecommunications
K             Cable
G             Mining
U             longitudinal seal of the cable
L             veils woven from many wires (strand) lack of letter 'L' means single wires (wire)
ts            tubular cable, with dry center seal
H             individual screen pairs of copper wires
Y             PVC insulation of signal wires in the cable
X             PVC insulation of telecommunications wires in a cable
Y             PVC coating of the cable
MF          had copper-steel wires in the cable
Ft            armor with steel tape
Ftl           armor made of steel tape, varnished on both sides
Fo           armor made of round steel wires
Yn           PVC cover with increased resistance to flame propagation

Example of marking:
    1YT8K3 - PVC telecommunications cable with 8 lines of three cables (8x3)
    YnTKGMFLY 1 × 4 × 0.5 - PVC housing, Telecommunications Cable Mining, copper-metal multi-strand 1 × 4 wires with 0.5 sqmm cross-section

Cables nn

Low voltage power cables are usually built as 4- or 5-core cables with aluminum wires with PVC insulation and PVC jacket. The second type of low voltage cables are cables with crosslinked polyethylene insulation, which can operate at elevated temperatures up to 90 ° C and are characterized by higher resistance to overloads and short circuits.
Cables for special applications

In case the general-purpose cable's properties do not meet the requirements set for them, power cables for special applications are used, including, among others, cables with limited flammability (halogen-free cables).

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