Hydraulic ALIGATOR scrap shears are used for cold cut of steel and non-ferrous metal elements. They are used by scrap purchasers and at scrap processing plants to cut scrapped sections, pipes, sheets and to break rail tracks and tram tracks.

Hydraulic ALIGATOR scrap shears

When compared to shear balers, shears mounted on excavators and shears with traditional mechanical drive, the ALLIGATOR scrap shears are considerably smaller, lighter and quieter, while still highly efficient and reliable.

ALIGATOR scrap shears are also more cost-effective than gas burners to cut scrap. The efficiency of ALLIGATOR shears is comparable even to five qualified workers cutting scrap with gas burners. The investment in scrap shears pays off just after 6 months, as you save on salaries, gas costs and no losses on the material which literally evaporates when cut with a burner.

It is safe and easy to use - ALIGATOR shears may be used by a single employee with just a basic training directly at the work stand.

All ALIGATOR shears are made in compliance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. Parameters and prices of ALIGATOR scrap shears fit every business.

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