MACHTEK E-80 Electric Motor Wrecker

Machine for recycling electric motors and recovering copper windings from them in a fast and effective way.



  • Power: 4KW / 380V
  • Inner diameter of the stator: 40-60mm
  • Outer diameter of the stator: over 100mm
  • Capacity: up to 600 pieces per hour
  • Length / width / height: 115cm * 70cm * 90cm


A stator is introduced into the hole on the side of the machine, which is then introduced into the machine, where it is cut by the blades inside. The copper winding is easily removed from the element thus divided. The process runs quickly, allowing you to achieve amazing performance of up to 600 processed stators per hour. The construction of the machine guarantees that the entire process is completely safe. At no time is the user's hand exposed to the blades. The safety of our machines is confirmed by the CE certificate.

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